Has Social Media Been Mostly Good Or Mostly Bad For Us Overall?

It has it's moments, until is doesn't!

With Elon Musk buying Twitter, everyone’s talking about social media and the toxic mess it can be sometimes.  

So here’s a question.  Overall, would you say social media has been mostly good for the world, or more bad than good?

Someone polled 1,400 people, and most said it’s been BAD of us.

54% think it’s hurt society in general

25% think it’s done more good than bad

21% aren’t sure.

Also, only 36% of us think conversations on social media are “generally healthy.”

But opinions like that haven’t stopped us from using it.  93% use social media regularly, 74% said at least once a day, and 55% said multiple times a day.  Only 5% of us use it less than once a month.