Man Finds The Upside To Divorce And Shares It On Social Media!

What would be in your own fridge?

For many, divorce can be a very hard time of adjustment. But one man has hit the internet celebrating all the things he couldn’t do while married.

Reddit user @u/The_Voski posted his dream fridge. The fridge he was never able to stock the way he wanted because, well, he claims his wife didn’t let him. 

“Upside to divorce is that I get to decorate and stock the kitchen how I want now, Meredith!” he gushed on Reddit, along with a picture of how his fridge looks post-split. 

Man’s Dream Fridge Goes Viral

The fridge features a whole lot of drinks and not much else. The drinks stacked on the fridge shelves include a combination of iced coffee, juice, beer, and bottles of water. No pieces of fruit, no vegetables… and perhaps a roast chicken on the top shelf but even that is debatable. 

The photo didn’t take long to go viral, with over 7.5K comments hitting the page, and mostly followed the theme of celebrating how this man is now living his ‘best’ life post-divorce. 


The post has attracted 7,500 comments.