Having More Than Two Kids Can Shorten Your Life!

No kidding!

First of all, shout-outs to the “DINKS” of the world who had life figured out from the start!

However, a December 2023 study from the University of Michigan suggests that parenting children can extend a person’s life expectancy to age 76.   

“One relatively clear thing is that having children is more beneficial to longevity than not having children at all,” the research author said…

However, how many kids you have determines how long you may live… Too many kids may take you out sooner rather than later!

According to the researchers, two kids will give you a 5% to 10% longevity advantage over childless people! Having fewer or more kids both lower the lifespan…

Previous studies found that people with children tend to have more social interactions, such as interactions with other parents and teachers, and higher social contact is known to be linked to longer life…

It is possible that having two children strikes a balance between having a good amount of social interaction and not having too much economic or physical burden.

A 2017 report also discovered that children aid in keeping their moms’ and dads’ minds active in old age — adding a whopping two years to their lives. 

The research team also found that individuals carrying mutations that predispose them to relatively high reproductive rates — people genetically inclined to have a lot of kids —  have lower probabilities of living to age 76.