New Study Finds That Kids Who Play With Their Dads Do Better In School!

Something every mom already knows, LOL!

A study led by the University of Leeds found that children do better in school if their dads engage in activities with them like reading, drawing, singing and telling stories. 

Researchers looked at 5,000 Mother-Father Families and logged test scores in 5 to 7-year-olds…

Researchers discovered that 3-year-olds whose dads played with them had higher test scores when they turned 5.

Similarly, it found that fathers who interacted with their 5-year-olds more helped their test scores when they turned 7.

The study found that a dad’s involvement with their kids improved their grades in school regardless of the child’s age, gender, ethnicity or the family’s household income.

Moms who engaged with their children had more of an impact on their social development than on their grades.

Researchers suggested that dads take as much time to engage with their kids as possible and found that even 10 minutes a day could improve a child’s educational experience.

The age of a dad could also play a part in a child’s development. Another study by King’s College London found that older dads have more intelligent sons.