Turn your lights on!

People online are talking about their biggest driving pet peeves, and several have mentioned “Niceholes”, people who think they’re being “nice,” but it’s actually dangerous.

For example, one person said, “‘Nice’ people who stop in the middle of a roundabout to let cars enter.”  Or, “Randomly stopping on a road to let someone in oncoming traffic turn left in front of them.”  Or, “Waving people through a four-way stop when it’s your turn to go.”

Not following the rules of the road is dangerous to other drivers, as well as bicyclists and pedestrians, because they don’t know what’s going on.  One person put it this way:  “Don’t be polite, be predictable.”

Here are 15 other driving pet peeves people have mentioned:

1.  People holding everyone up by trying to make a left turn at a time when it’s borderline impossible.  Or when there’s a sign saying right turn only.

2.  People who jump out from a side street or parking lot, cutting you off, and then drive slower than you were.

3.  People pull out right in front of you when there’s a large gap of no traffic right behind you.

4.  People in the left lane at an intersection that inch up when you are in the right lane do, apparently not realizing that you’re trying to see around them to make a legal right turn.

5.  Not accelerating up the on-ramp.

6.  People driving the same speed side-by-side on the highway, and creating a slow roadblock no one can pass.  This includes trucks.

7.  People driving with their high beams on in traffic.

8.  People NOT driving with their lights on in rain and other weather.

9.  Anyone who tosses trash out the window, including cigarette butts.

10.  People who don’t share the road, like having space to move forward so people can access a turning lane but not doing so.

11.  People going the wrong way down a one-way parking lot lane, just so they can get the closest parking spot.

12.  People on their phones, on the road or at intersections.

13.  Tailgating.

14.  People who refuse to let another driver in during an obvious zipper merge.

15.  People who don’t signal a turn, or who leave their turn signal on.