Here Are The Baby Names “Going Extinct” In 2023

That name is forever!

It’s official: “K” names like Kane, Kameron, Kira, and Kenzie are out. BabyCenter has just released a list of baby names tanking in popularity. 

In general, it seems like boy names starting with the letter “K” are falling out of favour, but there are a lot of surprising declines too. Here they are:

1. Hayden

2. Royce

3. Khalid

4. Paige

5. Nehemiah

6. Walter
7. Annabelle

8. Arjun

9. Leia
10. Ariyah

11. Teagan

12. Kate

13. Steven

14. Kameron

15. Kane
16. Kenzie

17. Ahmed

18. London
19. Kian

20. Alayah

21. Vanessa

More names are on the list!