Here’s How To Keep Ticks Away!

It's Tick season!

According to The National Library of Medicine, there are a few things you can do:


1.  Avoid tick-infested areas.  Especially tall grass and hay in fields.

2.  The chemical repellant does work.  Make sure you use one with DEET or Icaridin.

3. Wear light-coloured protective clothing.  Wear long pants when going through tall grass and hay.


4.  If possible, tuck your pants into your socks to avoid having an opening for ticks to climb onto your skin.


5.  Be sure to check your kids, your pets, and yourself daily to be sure that if a tick has gotten onto you that you remove it quickly.

Please remember that if you find a tick on yourself or a child, don’t panic… It takes 36 hours for the bacteria that causes Lyme disease to travel from the tick gut to its salivary glands and into the host.