Here’s How To Now Shake Hands In Case You Forgot!

We may be out of practice thanks to this pandemic!

When the time comes, we will greet people with a good old-fashioned handshake, but do you remember how to do it? has helped us out with a little refresher course.

1.  Wipe your hands off first.  Even on your pants or shirt!  It’s better than nothing.  No one wants to shake a clammy hand.

2.  Try to be the one who initiates the handshake.  It shows you’re confident and excited to meet them.  But be ready if they do it first.

3.  Use your right hand.  Sorry, lefties.  The majority of the world is right-handed.  So that’s the rule.

4.  Smile and make eye contact.  Shaking someone’s hand without looking at them is just weird.

5.  Two to three pumps are good.  Anything more than that starts to feel awkward.  And make it a fairly strong handshake.  Don’t break their fingers, but don’t give them a limp wrist either.