Here’s What Basketball and Marriage Have In Common!

Both are team sports!

What do basketball and marriage have in common? Basketball is a team sport and so is marriage. 

Both basketball and marriage do not work well if there is a “ball hog.”

Basketball and marriage might not be your “go-to” comparison. 

But actually, they have a lot in common. Some skills might be easy and feel organic while some skills will require hard work, commitment, practice, patience, and the motivation to succeed.


In basketball, you dribble to get the ball in your court. In marriage, you “dribble” by talking, by being effective communicators. Communication is how you can “get the ball in your court.”


In basketball sometimes you make the shot and score while other times you miss. When you miss, sometimes you are way off and sometimes you hit the rim. In marriage, sometimes you say the right thing and sometimes you mess up. Make sure you know how to apologize and repair if needed.


In basketball, you are jumping to grab the missed shot. In marriage, you are jumping to grab the opportunity for connection. Sometimes when you jump, you get the rebound and sometimes it is a missed opportunity.


In basketball, if your teammate is open, passes, and shares the ball then the other player shoots, scores and helps the team. In marriage, the couple can “share the ball” with compromise. Compromise means that sometimes it is my way, sometimes it is your way and sometimes we find a different way that works.

How do you become great at basketball? How do you and your spouse become a great couple with a healthy marriage that lasts the test of time? Both take practice, determination, commitment, hard work, patience, and trust in the process and your team.