Holidays, Nights Out With Friends And Enjoyable Jobs Are Now Less Important Than Before Lockdown

Priorities have changed

It’s amazing what a year and a pandemic can do.  A study of 2,000 adults found that over 40% have completely re-evaluated life and what really matters since the pandemic.


Travelling, having lots of money and a nice car is now less significant than they were some 12 months ago.



New priorities include working from home, getting out for a daily walk, and exercising is now more important than they were a year ago.



Spending time in the garden, eating healthily, and making sure the home is a space to enjoy have all become more important.



Almost 80% of adults admit that they took life for granted before lockdown.



Six out of 10 people say they have no intention of retiring to exactly the same lifestyle they had before COVID took over the world.




Being able to work from home                                       

Getting out for daily walks                                               

Exercising regularly

Spending more time in the garden                               

Eating healthily                                                               

Making sure my home is a space I enjoy                       

Spending lots of time with family                               

Spending more time in the countryside                       

Getting out on my bike                                                 

Spending time with pets                                               

Being able to work flexibly                                                 

Spending more time at home