Hotel House Keeper Reveals Things You Should Never Touch in Your Hotel Room!

You Should never Touch This Gross Stuff In Your Room!

A former housekeeper who reportedly worked in a four-star hotel has shared some dos and don’ts when staying in a hotel room.

TikTok user @_sourqueen detailed the gross cleaning processes, revealing what really lies beneath your apparently “clean” hotel room and the things she “wouldn’t use or touch” when staying at a hotel.

Here’s Her Don’ts 

Coffee Pot or any of the glassware! “Usually the housekeeper just rinses these things out in the bathroom sink and dries them off with the same rag that they used to clean the rest of the room with,” she explained “

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Don’t touch the ice Bucket! The housekeeper explains that it’s often used as a “water dish for pets” and other disgusting things.

Bedsheets! The maid claims that in many cases, hotels do not wash their linens often.

The TikToker said part of the problem is housekeepers get in trouble if they take too long cleaning a room or for sending too much laundry to be cleaned.