How About A Roast Beef Dinner Sandwich?

It may not be for everyone!

The chefs at Toby Carney have taken the beloved British roast dinner and stuffed it into a sandwich! 

Toby Carvery is a British carvery chain brand owned and operated by Mitchells & Butlers, which consists of 158 restaurants.

The Ultimate Roast Dinner Sandwich is packed full of slices of roast turkey, beef, gammon and pork served in a bun, along with sage and onion stuffing.  

That may sound like a mouthful but it doesn’t stop there. The sandwich also comes with roast potatoes and mac n cheese piled in there too.

To top it off, a giant Yorkshire pudding sits on top, filled with pigs in blankets.

It makes the perfect place to pour all the gravy that comes with it, letting it trickle down all over your roast… or sandwich.

The sandwich accounts for a whopping 888 calories in one sitting!