How Hot Your Steering Wheel Can Get In The Summer!

This kind of heat is dangerous!

Ever get into your car after it’s been parked in the heat for hours and it’s like a sauna?  Your butt sticks to the heat, you get third-degree burns from the medal on the seatbelt clip and the stirring is too hot to touch!

Did you ever wonder just how hot curtain things can get during a heatwave?

This month saw record-breaking heat for Canadians and globally, July 3rd was the hottest day on the planet.

With temps so high, it’s worth noting that many common items can get extremely hot and can burn you.

Steering Wheel…52.7 Degree celsius
Pavement…60 Degrees celsius
Car Dash…69.4 Degrees celsius
Car interior…47.2 Degrees celsius
Patio furniture…57.7 Degrees celsius 

Humans begin to feel pain at 111 degrees (hot bath water) But according to the National Institute for Standards and Technology, at 118 degrees, you can sustain first-degree burns, while second-degree burns can come at 130 degrees. So if your feet (or your pet’s feet!) are not protected, you could be chicken dancing across the blacktop to the emergency room.


Metal in the baking sun? Whether the railings are made from aluminum, copper, iron or similar material, metal is a heat conductor, and it will get just as hot as the temperature coming from its heat source—in this case, the sun. While a railing won’t get as hot as, say, a frying pan on a stove, it’s going to be unpleasant to touch, so proceed with caution.