How Long Before You Can Call Someone A Best Friend!

4 years!

43% would totally bail their bestie out of jail!

According to a new poll, it takes four years of knowing someone before they can be considered a “best” friend.

How do you determine the important of a friendship?  The experts say that you will need to go through four different personal experiences with a friend before they can qualify as “bestie.”

One in three said that they must go on vacation with them, and one in five said that they have to share clothes first.

Two out of five say they must go through a life-changing experience with that friend first and experience milestones with them also.

People said they need to go through these important moments:

experiencing a breakup (32 percent)
doing something spontaneous together (28 percent)
texting each other at least once a day (27 percent)
staying up until the early morning just chatting (25 percent).

The poll was conducted on behalf of Evite to figure out what friendship means to people.

The survey shows that people are loyal and that we’d do almost anything for our best friend, including keeping their secrets, travelling around the world, and even lying for them.