How Long Does It Take To Thrive In A New Job

Do you feel that you're thriving at work?

It takes the average worker a year and seven months to feel like they’re “thriving” in a new job, according to new research.

When asked about the top signs that someone’s thriving in their role, respondents said it was being able to help others — specifically, being able to direct co-workers toward different resources (43%).

That was followed by knowing where to look to find information (42%) and having strong relationships with colleagues (40%).

The survey dug further into the importance of having access to information, looking at the connection between clarity at work and being more productive and happier.

The average respondent uses 11 different applications and platforms in their day-to-day work — between email, messaging platforms, project management tools, etc.


  • Able to direct others to find different resources and information — 43%
  • Know where to look to find different resources and information — 42%
  • Have built strong relationships with colleagues — 40%
  • Know how to do their day-to-day job without asking questions — 40%
  • Able to get through the day without asking for help — 41%
  • Able to help explain things to colleagues — 38%
  • Not thrown off when something small goes wrong — 37%
  • Feel confident in their day-to-day tasks — 35%
  • Able to step in and assist other people — 34%