How Long The Average Person Can Stand The Heat Before Finally Turning On The AC

New research says that most people wouldn’t date someone who didn’t have the same thermostat etiquette as them.

Thermostat etiquette is real.  According to a new poll, nearly one in four people have ended a friendship over it. A study was conducted to determine the average preferred temperature for indoors which is 69 degrees Fahrenheit or 20.5 Celsius.


Even when it gets above a person’s preferred temperature, people will resist turning on the AC until it’s absolutely unbearable. According to the survey, we will torture ourselves through five hot and potentially sleepless, sweaty nights before we turn on the AC.


It’s like playing a game with your AC… 55% of people admit they feel defeated when they finally have to turn on the AC. One in seven say they will even wait until August before they turn on the AC. 


Another part of this survey found that we are obsessed with the weather.  On average, we will spend 256 hours or 10 full days trying to adapt ourselves to the forecast, even checking four times daily.  One in ten say that they don’t trust the weather forecast information.  




The average weather conversation length: 14 seconds

Number of weather conversations per day: 3

When most Americans turn on their AC: June

How many hot nights before we switch on the AC: 5