How Many Questions Children Ask In A Year…

A lot!

New research finds that parents field an average of 11 questions a day from their young kids…

A new poll of 2,000 parents of kids ages 0-6 found that between being asked “what?”, “When?” and “Why?”, parents are always on call when their kids get curious.

Children most commonly ask questions to better understand the world around them, such as asking about animals, nature, current events and home experiences. 

Other topics of interest include school subjects such as math, reading or science and family-related inquiries, such as questions about their parents, siblings or caregivers.

The survey also revealed that parents don’t know all the answers to the questions about 42% of the time!

Results also revealed that 81% of parents learn just as much from their child as their child learns from them.

The average parent learns something new from their child about five times per week, and 80% of parents are surprised by their child’s knowledge of certain topics.


  • The world around them (animals/nature, current events, home experiences) – 76%
  • School-related (history, math, reading, writing, science) – 64%
  • Family-related (Parents/caregivers/siblings) – 62%
  • Safety – 39%
  • Relationships/friendships – 35%
  • Daily experiences (food, clothing, sleep, routines) – 30%
  • Future-facing (careers, money, dreams) – 29%
  • Entertainment (TV, movies, music, sports) – 20%