How Many Uses For A Fork Can You Think Of?

Humans Vs ChatGPT (who do you think won this challenge?)

Humans went head-to-head with bots in a study to see which was more creative…

ChatGPT came up with more ideas than 90% of humans…

Artificial intelligence and humans went head-to-head in a new study that sought to find out which was better at coming up with the most imaginative ideas.

As it turns out, new bots are more creative than 90 percent of humans – thinking of bizarre uses for everyday items like toothbrushes, pants, forks and tires.

When asked simple questions about typical household items, experts found that bots could generate more ideas with just as much originality as humans.

Discussing forks, ChatGPT3 claimed they can be handy for ‘making a sculpture’, removing ear wax and cleaning under your fingernails. Using forks to fight zombies was advocated too, in addition to propping up the utensil as a book holder and playing ‘tag’ with it.

The bot provided some enlightening uses for a toothbrush too, including ‘exfoliating the skin’ and ‘applying hair dye’, alongside more typical purposes like ‘preventing tooth decay’.

To give credit where it’s due, surprisingly, two human participants did suggest that a toothbrush could be used as a ‘sex toy’ – vibrating if it’s electric. 

The research comes amid fears that artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT could put many at risk of losing their jobs if implemented widely in creative industries.