How Our Selfcare Habits Have Changed Since The Pandemic

Selfcare is more important than ever!

According to new research, nearly half of us have become more proactive about our health since 2019.

The study found that the pandemic has been the cause of people becoming more conscious of getting older and their family health history.

The past two years have inspired people to try a variety of wellness trends. The No. 1 that caught on? Immune health supplements, followed by mindful eating and yoga or mindfulness meditation. 

Others gave “listening to ASMR videos” a go, or opted for “medicinal cannabis,” “acupuncture” and “Tai Chi.”

The survey also learned that when it comes to health trends, millennials are overwhelmingly more likely to be “early adopters.

Eight in 10 respondents between the ages of 25 and 40 consider themselves to be well-informed on emerging health trends. By contrast, Gen Xers ages 41 to 56 (63%) and baby boomers ages 57 to 75 (35%) are less likely to be caught up on the latest developments in the health care space.


  • Immune health supplements – 45%
  • Mindful eating – 43%
  • Yoga/mindfulness meditation – 40%
  • Cold water therapy – 33%
  • TikTok fitness routines – 29%
  • Nootropics (herbal extracts) – 28%
  • Infrared saunas – 27%


  • New supplement forms and services (i.e., more personalized nutrition options, jelly bean vitamins, vitamin drinks or sprays) – 50%
  • At-home diagnostic tests – 43%
  • Fitness streaming platforms – 41%
  • Telemedicine – 40%
  • Advanced air purifiers – 38%
  • App-integrated health monitoring – 38%
  • Trendy diets – 30%