How To Calculate Exactly How Much Halloween Candy You Should Buy for Trick-or-Treaters!

You can never have enough, I say!

You don’t want extra Halloween candy at the end of the night said no one ever!



But if you are the type who just wants to buy the right amount to shell out on Halloween, there’s a new online calculator that uses a simple equation to determine exactly how much Halloween Candy you should buy to ensure that all trick-or-treaters get their fair share…



Mars teams up with Shift to offer a mathematical formula for figuring out exactly how many bags of candy you need for trick-or-treaters!




How Much Candy Should You Buy For Halloween?


The first section calculates the gross (no offence, this just means the total) amount of candy you’ll need for your trick-or-treaters.


To figure that out, you’ll multiply time × kids × generosity.


In the second part, you’ll figure out how much extra candy you need to purchase now if you want to make sure there’s still enough left by the time October 31 rolls around.


For that, you’ll multiply the number of days ahead of Halloween it is when you buy the candy × your household size × your sneakiness level.


Finally, the third part of the equation gives you your adjusted candy total. Simply add together the products from part one and part two. It’s worth noting that if the forecast calls for rain, you should divide the total by 1.5, reducing your candy needs by a third overall.


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