How To Parent Using Chat GPT

It will help you raise better kids? Really?

What, were you raised by robots?

A tech worker urges moms and dads to choose the “easier” alternative of getting ChatGPT to get kids to sleep, plan their birthday parties and even help with homework.  

A parenting coach says parents should use ChatGPT to make their lives easier. The coach says there are a variety of things that AI can help parents navigate through…

Putting kids to bed can be a total nightmare, so why not ease the pain by asking ChatGPT to draft a customized bedtime story that includes kids and parent’s names.

Personal assistant!
ChatGPT can help you plan tasks like travel and birthday party ideas. For the latter, a parent can bounce ideas off the program for items such as themed invitations, decorations, colour schemes, activities, party favours and even snacks — including dietary needs.

If you have teens, then you know how hard high school assignments cane be.  AI can assist with that!  Still, it’s important to fact-check answers, as programs like ChatGPT often create false information or citations, a kink of the tech that designers have yet to work out.