How We Pay It Forward!

Almost nine in 10 adults believe that karma is real.

According to a recent survey of 2000 U.S. adults, 84% buy into the idea that what goes around, comes around.  

Results also revealed that bad karma has made its rounds and people attribute bad relationships, losing something and arguments with others to it.

So with that in mind, people are always mindful to try and pay it forward…

The survey showed that “paying it forward” most often includes treating their loved ones to something special, giving generous tips and helping out a neighbour, such as carrying their groceries or helping them shovel snow.

It also includes donating money to organizations or charities, volunteering their time to help out friends and family and supporting small or locally owned businesses.

The results show that the average person engages in five generous acts per week, totalling 260 random acts of kindness each year…

When paying it forward, people feel better about themselves, and their life overall and feel more confident when they can do so.  

The survey also found that the top three ways people define “generosity” include “going out of your way to help someone else”, “giving your time” and “paying it forward”.

With that, almost three-quarters of adults consider themselves generous, despite less than half currently feeling financially secure.