How You Can Tell When It’s Time To Replace Your Pillow, Hack!

Hack Will Tell You If You Need To Replace Your Pillow

It’s gross to think about, but your old pillow is likely to be full of bacteria.  But you love it, you’ve broken it in just right…It will be fine, I’ll just wash it!


But how do you know if you should replace it? A woman from Melbourne, Australia has a simple life hack that you can try.


FYI, pillows actually have an expiration date.  According to this lady’s  Tik Tok post, ‘Pillows harbour dust, skin cells and oils so they expire after one to two years.’


But the date depends on the type of pillow you have. Synthetic pillows really need to be replaced as often as every six to 12 months, but down pillows last between two or three years.


So how can you determine if it’s time for a new pillow? The Tik Tok lady calls it the ‘bounce back’ test.


Fold your pillow in half on a surface, then hold it folded for 30 seconds. ‘Pillows should bounce back if fresh,’ she said in her video clip. If they don’t bounce back, it probably means it’s time to invest in replacements.



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