Icing Is The New Dating Trend!

This is yet another catchy term to describe some bad behaviour just like ghosting, stashing and bread crumbing.

Online dating is an emotional rollercoaster especially when you are ghosting or someone is bread crumbing you.  Here’s a reminder of what these online dating terms mean.


Breadcrumbing– is all about piquing someone’s interest without the payoff of a date or a relationship.  We called this a “tease” back in the day!


Stashing– When one partner has met the family and friends and the other basically doesn’t exist in the other’s world.


Ghosting — when someone cuts off all communication without explanation


Icing is when someone puts the person they are dating “on ice”. They convey their interest to their romantic partner, tell them they can’t be with them now, but leave open the possibility of getting together in the future.’  We called this leading them on, kids!

Signs you’re a victim of icing


Icing can be super subtle and take time to emerge. Keep an eye out for these classic signs!


  • Your partner’s behaviour is confusing; you’re never sure where you stand with them.
  • They disappear every once in a while and then return like nothing happened.
  • They can’t commit or make things ‘exclusive’ with you
  • You get loads of last-minute date cancellations.
  • You feel relief when you hear from them because you were feeling anxious before
  • They are online but take days to reply to you