If You’ve Recently Been Dumped, You Can Make Some Extra Coin From It!

Getting dumped sucks, but apparently, this week if you're dumped you could end up with an extra $1,100

So you’ve heard about cuffing season right? When the weather turns chilly after a hot summer of fun flings, people start pairing up to cuddle by the fire and enjoy the holidays with a plus one.



Turns out after the calendar changes, we end up in ‘break-up’ season. Who knew? Also… who knew you could make some money just because someone dumped you.



Here’s the deal. Finance Buzz is looking for recently heartbroken individuals to help them curate playlists to help the rest of us through our next heartbreak.

To score the cash… $1,100…. you have to be able to listen to 24 hours straight of break-up songs and categorize them into five playlists to get us from the denial stage of grief to acceptance.



I’m thinking this ranges from ‘One Last Time by Ariana Grande… denial to ‘Since U Been Gone,’ by the one and only Kelly Clarkson… acceptance.



If you’re wondering, according to their research peak breakup season is in March and things settle down mid-April.



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Why $1,100? That’s what Finance Buzz thinks is costs to get over someone. They break it down too, from a Netflix subscription to ice cream and therapy.



Applications are due by midnight on January 31, If you’re chosen, you’ll find out on February 2 and then you have until to complete your listening party.  Hey, this isn’t the worst thing to do after a break-up. Good luck!



Open to US residents only because this is way too cool to be Canadian!