Internet Explorer Is No More!

It’s the End of an Era!

After 27 years, an iconic Microsoft product is done! The company announced over a year ago that is would be phasing out IE from products and now, Internet Explorer 11 is now incompatible with Microsoft products.

It marks the final goodbye for a browser that has been on the way out for years. In August 2020, for example, Microsoft’s workplace chat software Teams stopped working with IE, and its 365 apps (including Office) no longer worked on IE as of mid-summer 2021.

For the next several months, users who click the IE icon will be redirected to Microsoft Edge, the company’s newer answer to web browsing, in “IE mode.” IE mode allows users to access older, Internet Explorer-based websites and applications from Edge. Eventually, Microsoft plans on releasing a Windows Update that will remove all IE icons from devices.

Once the most popular web browser, Internet Explorer had been on a steady decline for nearly two decades. After debuting in 1995 as part of Windows 95 and becoming an instant hit, the browser enjoyed a virtual monopoly throughout the early 2000s. At its 2002 peak, Internet Explorer commanded 95% of the browser market.