It's tired too!

It’s the middle of December, and some people’s work productivity could be slipping.  Maybe it’s year-end exhaustion, maybe it’s the distraction of the holiday season, or maybe it’s seasonal depression.

Well, it doesn’t just affect human workers.  Some people have noticed that ChatGPT has been getting lazier recently, it’s returning simpler answers and is refusing to do some tasks.

And they’re wondering if A.I. can be hit with seasonal depression.  (???)

Well, that isn’t the case, probably, but, the company behind ChatGPT, says they ARE aware things are off a bit.

They say, “We’ve heard all your feedback about [it] getting lazier!  We haven’t updated the model since November 11th, and this certainly isn’t intentional.  Model behaviour can be unpredictable, and we’re looking into fixing it.”  They add that it isn’t “broken”, models can evolve, and may need to recalibrate.

(On a related note:  In a new poll, 13% of people say they use artificial intelligence tools EVERY DAY.)