It’s Telephone Tuesday!


September 7 is officially a day notorious for surprisingly, more phone calls than usual. 


On this day, most businesses and organizations will be flooded with calls as people return to work after the summer break and long weekend.


Also, with the return to class for the majority of students today, schools will be swamped with parents calling asking many questions.


In addition, it’s been uncovered that organized folks attempt to tackle their to-do lists on this day too and so inbound calls rise up to 50% on the day. 



In 1667- Kiss Me Through the Phone-Robert Hooke, a British Physicist invents the tin can telephone, also named the lovers’ phone.


In 1877-Phone Home-The first regular phone line is constructed between Somerville and Boston.


In 1886-Lost Your Number-Reuben H. Donnelly makes the first Yellow Pages directory which categorizes all types of businesses.


In 2007- Call me on your way home-Steve Jobs and Apple released the first iPhone.