Jeans That Look Like You’ve Peed Yourself!

There’s a new trend, the “I just peed my pants” look!

Totally the Bomb online retailer is offering customers the opportunity to purchase jeans that look soiled.  Billy Madison may have been the inspiration behind this new look!


Why on earth would someone want to buy jeans that are made to look like you peed your pants? Who knows, but it’s a thing now!



The jeans are labeled as “Wet Pants Denim” and there are many styles to choose from.  It’s kinda like when the acid wash look was in.

According to the website, “Every pair is individually prepared by hand, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and enabling a fully custom design of the splash pattern.”


If you think- who the hell would wear these?  There are many stars sporting the peed my pants look including Justin Bieber!