Jockstrap-Scented Candles!


In Honour of Football season, two companies have joined forces to offer fans a football-inspired collection of scented candles!

The series includes three scents: ‘$18 NACHOS,’ inspired by the pricey stadium snack; ‘JOCKSTRAP,’ curated to mimic the smell “sweaty” football players, and lastly, ‘HASHTAG FIELD GOALS,’ that offers notes of freshly cut turf. 

The candles are perfect for football fans itchy to get back to the stadiums to experience these aromas in person. Sold individually for $29 or in a bundle of three for $69. Available now on


Credit: BABE Wine!


On the flip side….   Here are three mom candles that may pair well with the stadium candles.  While dad is watching the game, this is what mom is doing…


The “I can’t even” Candle- smells like defeat!

“Mother of the year” Candle- smells like failure

“Mom Juice” Candle- Smells like wine!