Just 15% of People Think It’s Unprofessional To Engage In A Workplace Romance!

Have you ever???

Cuffing season can make it a little more tempting to have a festive fling with a co-worker.

Not to mention, there’s the office Christmas party, where you’re all looking your best and any usual awkwardness vanishes with a margarita or two. It can get a bit flirty.

But engaging in a harmless flirt is considered ok, in fact; about a quarter of those surveyed said they have done so with a colleague.

Taking it one step further, almost 30% of people admit to having a relationship with a co-worker and about 24% have married a co-worker!

About 38% of people said they know someone who has had an affair with a co-worker, while 36% know someone who has tied the knot with their colleague.

Almost one in ten said they felt that workplace relationships never last.

However, despite the survey revealing that 19% of people said their office romance only lasted less than a month, there was a fair share of success stories.

24% of relationships cultivated from the office lasted more than three years, with 12% lasting a decade or more.