Just Say No: To Holiday Parties…

Why declining invitations to holiday parties is actually good for you!

Saying “no” to a holiday party you simply have no interest in could be the best thing for your mental health. A new study finds politely declining unwanted invitations during the holiday season has a bigger positive impact than dragging yourself to countless gatherings you may not want to attend in the first place.

More than three-quarters of people in a survey confessed that they accept invitations to gatherings they don’t want to attend out of fear of being judged for declining. However, researchers found that loved ones not only don’t care about rejected invitations as much as people think they do but saying no more often can also be beneficial in avoiding burnout.

“Burnout is a real thing, especially around the holidays when we are often invited to too many events. Don’t be afraid to turn down invitations here and there. But keep in mind that spending time with others is how relationships develop, so don’t decline every invitation.”