Kellogg’s Inadvertently Names New Waffles After An STI, SAY INTERNET TROLLS

WARNING: Content may be offensive to some.

It appears Kellogg’s didn’t do their research when they launch their brand new frozen waffles after social media quickly pointed out that the product had the same name as a slang term for a sexually transmitted infection (STI).


In fairness to Kellogg’s, these new waffle flavours are meant to be fun and colourful!  There is a pink version called Unicorn Cotton Candy Waffles and the Mermaid Blue Raspberry Waffles…

It’s the Mermaid Blue Raspberry that appears to have the internet all up in arms over its chosen name.

Internet trolls have revealed that “waffle” is actually a slang term for a vagina and “blue waffle” means a vagina with an STI.


According to the venerable Medical News Today a “blue waffle” is a “fictional sexually transmitted disease that is said only to affect females. ‘Waffle’ is a slang term for vagina, and blue refers to one of the imaginary symptoms of this fake condition.”