Kids As Young As 6 Are Donating Money to Streamers without Their parents’ knowledge

It's a new thing that parents are having a hard time understanding.

A study of 1,000 moms and dads of six to 16-year-olds who watch such content online found 17 percent of kids have transferred cash to influencers and content creators on streaming platforms.

Almost a quarter of those who do this, spend money in this way daily, and 31 percent do so every week.

Worryingly, 11 percent of parents have discovered their little ones have given money to streamers – without them knowing. And a third of parents want restrictions on how much money their kids can donate to streamers online. While 57 percent of parents didn’t know kids can donate funds to content creators and streamers.

The study also found just 16 percent of kids polled admitted they ask for their parent’s permission ‘every time’ they give money to streamers.

The research also explored why children as young as six or seven are keen to donate money to streamers.

These include wanting to give something back to them, supporting their favourite channel, and because giving money ‘seemed fun’.

Others did it to access additional content and to receive a public shout-out from the influencer.

Of those who earn money or receive pocket money, 77 percent agreed they’d be likely to donate some of it to streamers.