Kids Should Start School At A Later Time Next Years, Says New Report

Earlier is not better!

With the COVID-19 pandemic happening every student, teacher, staffer, and parent has gotten used to a schedule that is anything but normal. 


Most of us have either had to change our work schedule to accommodate the hybrid models or at-home learning and it has become exhausting, to say the least. 


But when it comes to a start time for the school day, there may be a way to gain back some of the hours of lost sleep you may have experienced.


According to a report from CNN:

“…moving school start times later in the morning resulted in increased sleep times of around 45 minutes for students, according to research published Thursday in the journal Sleep.”


If you have teens in school, you know how tough it can be to get them out of bed.


Studies have shown that lack of sleep has negative effects on the productivity of kids the same way it can for adults.


The article from CNN