Kool FM’s $10,000 Minute for August 13th at 9am

Would you have gotten them all?

$1,000 Minute

Fri, August 13th – 9AM

  1. There are four ‘gas giant’ planets in our solar system. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and what is the fourth?


2.            Name the American actor that stars in Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away and Apollo 13.

(Tom Hanks)

3.            Halloumi, Feta, and Brie are all different types of what?


4.            Dallas Green is a Canadian musician who releases his music under what name?

(City and Colour/Alexisonfire)

5.            What does the Japanese word ‘Sayonara’ mean?


6.            What is the Northernmost American state?


7.            In tennis, a good and legal serve that is not touched by the receiver is called what?

(An Ace)

8.            Ben grabs four apples, five carrots, and seven oranges from the grocery store. How many pieces of FRUIT did he buy?

(11 – 4 Apples + 7 Oranges)

9.            SPELL: Foreign.

(F O R E I G N)

10.         On what continent would you find the only giraffes in the wild?