Kool FM’s $10,000 Minute for August 26th at 9am

Could you have got 'em all to win a grand?

$1,000 Minute

Thurs, August 26th – 9AM

  1. What fruit would you find as a topping on a Hawaiian pizza?


2.            Who is the director of the first two Jurassic Park movies?

(Steven Spielberg)

3.            What is the term used for group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniment?

(A Cappella) 

4.            What does a ‘round tripper’ mean in baseball?

(Home run)

5.            SPELL: Piranha.

(P I R A N H A)

6.            In geometry, how many sides are on a Heptagon?


7.            An imaginary line drawn around the earth, equally distant from both poles is known as the WHAT?


8.            Name the Scottish inventor that is famous for having invented the telephone.

(Alexander Graham Bell)

9.            What bird is mythically said to deliver babies?


10.         Who is the villain; Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

(Mr. Hyde)