KOOL FM’s Santa Updates

After the year we have had, thank goodness the most magical day of the year is just around the Corner.


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This December KOOL FM will be counting down to Christmas day with some help from the big jolly guy himself…. Introducing Kool FM’s Santa Updates!

Every Day at 3:40pm from December 1st– December 25th Santa will update you via “Santa-Lite” on; progress at the North Pole, while also answering all those questions on everyone’s mind – how does he visit so many houses on one night… what are the year’s most popular presents… and what snacks should you leave for him and the reindeer?

Don’t miss out on KOOL FM’s Santa Updates, Everyday at 3:40pm, brought to you by the Barrie Chamber of Commerce’s Santa Tour. Follow along using the hashtag, #BarrieSantaTour  and heard only on 1075 KOOL FM.

If you miss any of Santa’s updates you can come back here as we’ll be posting them everyday:

November 30th:

December 1st:

December 2nd:

December 3rd:

December 4th:

December 5th:

December 6th:

December 7th:

December 8th:

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