KOOL VIRAL: Naomi Steps Out For Her Mental Health, But The Media Trips On Her Laces

I feel you Naomi. I really do.

An incredible moment that happened this week was Naomi Osaka, stepping away from the game for HER!

That sounds weird to read, so let me explain. The French Open is set to tip off soon, and just as proceedings were set to begin, Osaka pulled out and posted this:


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Some folks could read this and say, oh well she’s weak or that’s an excuse, but TRUST me. Just like a physical injury, you’ve gotta treat the coconut (mental health) as my mom says!

Many fans were calling out media members who spoke ill of Osaka, not understanding the importance of her mental health and well being. Some even saying that the media was putting more and more pressure on her, leading to a situation like this. All in all, we’ve gotta learn about how people really FEEL, ya know?

At least I hope that’s what we’ll all learn from this situation.