Leaving Your Kids At Home When You Shop, It will Save You Money

And Stress!

A new study found that if you take your kids out with you when shopping, it will cost you more.

Solo ventures cost an average of $133; meanwhile shopping with kids costs an average of $179, according to the study.

The poll of 2,000 US parents revealed that for 65%, shopping solo allows them to buy different things from different stores than when their kids are around. When shopping alone, parents look for groceries, beauty products, electronics and clothing.

However, 35% claimed shopping alongside their kids is like pulling teeth — and for many, bribery is the answer. The survey found 44% of parents have to bribe their kids to behave while shopping.

Eighteen percent said they’ve successfully bribed their kids with cold hard cash if they behave themselves. Kids were found to also be swayed by candy, snacks and toys.

Many parents see shopping with their children as a chance for their family to bond — 44% prefer shopping in a physical store and 12% prefer to bond while shopping online.

Three in five turns the shared shopping experience into a lesson for their kids, showing them the value of a dollar, the difference between necessities and nice-to-haves, patience and how to look for deals.


  • The value of a dollar – 62 %
  • Difference between necessities and nice-to-haves – 58 %
  • Patience – 50 %
  • How to look for deals – 50 %
  • What items are needed – 47 %
  • Where to locate things in a store – 39 %
  • How to ask for assistance – 37 %