Legendary Canadian Actor Gordon Pinsent has Died

He was 92

He made a career and name solely working on Canadian projects, best known for his role in the 70s with an award-winning performance in “Away from Her.”

The Newfoundland native was a household name in Canada for decades and prided himself on working in his home province. 

Pinsent would become internationally known after his Genie Award-winning role as Grant in Sarah Polley’s acclaimed directorial debut.

Pinsent appeared in dozens of Canada’s best-known television shows, including “The Red Green Show,” “Due South,” “Wind at My Back” and Paul Gross’s “H20: The Last Prime Minister.”

Pinsent was also the voice of the popular Canadian animated series, “Babar the Elephant” in the late 80s. The Canadian cartoon became a huge international hit, especially in the United States where it aired on HBO.

Born in Grand Falls, N.L., in 1930, Pinsent was the youngest of six children born to Stephen Pinsent, a papermill worker and cobbler, and his wife, Flossie.  Flossie and Gordon only had one child, actress Leah Pinsent.