Lenny Kravitz “TK421” Video: He’s NUDE!

Lenny is a totally nude dude in his new Music video…

Who needs an OnlyFans account when you can watch this new music vid from Lenny?

He’s almost 60 years old but has the physique of a man half his age….

The Prince-inspired funk-rock track sees Lenny at his most hedonistic, singing: “All aboard take it to the stratosphere/ The congregation is alive/ All I’m asking is for you to break the seal/ So we can dance our way to the divine.”

The track’s title is a dual reference to both Star Wars and the Burt Reynolds-starring 1997 disco-era drama Boogie Nights.

‘TK-421’ is the code name for one of the stormtroopers in the first 1977 Star Wars film, and there’s a reference to the stereo using the same name in Boogie Nights.  

It’s the first offering from Kravitz’s forthcoming new album, Blue Electric Light, which is set for release on 15th March 2024 via Roxie Records/BMG.

Between albums, Lenny published his memoir called Let Love Rule in 2020, covering his life until the release of his 1989 debut album of the same name. There is another book in the works that will cover his life.