LISTEN: Worker From ‘Just Junk’ Paints Picture Of The Barrie Tornado Clean-Up Efforts

Jocelyn chats with Emerson Mills about how the community came together in the tornado aftermath.

Emerson Mills says in his 10 years of his profession in junk removal, he’s never had to clean up after a tornado before.

‘We felt like it was our civic duty to do it.’

His company, Just Junk, was recruited by Barrie-Innisfil MPP Andrea Khanjin to help in Friday’s clean-up after a tornado swept across south Barrie last Thursday.

They had a fairly good system going.

‘Everyone made piles at the end of their driveway which was absolutely amazing. So we basically just drove down the road, went side to side, and just grabbing every pile we could see.’

Listen to the full interview below: