Little Things That End Up Costing A Lot!

It's almost $600 a year on coffee!

When everyone is trying to stay afloat with so many living paycheck to paycheck, we are very aware of the cost of things…

Here’s a list of the little things that cost way too…

“If you have a balance of $10,000 on your credit card with an APR of 18%, that card costs you $1,800 a year in interest alone. This comes out to $150.00 per month or $5.00 per day. You are losing $5.00 a day carrying that balance.”

“Buying Coffee and Snacks at Work every day…While some offices do offer coffee to staff, if you’re stopping every day for that morning coffee and muffin and are spending about $5 a day- that’s $25 per week minimum…Over $100 a month! Bring your own…”

“A decent spice rack. I know you can buy starter spice racks, but even so, those aren’t cheap. My spice cabinet was an investment that I did not know I had to plan for when moving out.”

“Towels. No one told me that cheap, full-sized towels are still $10–$15 each.”

“Uber Eats. I have to set filters to find restaurants with the lowest delivery fees and it still hurts my wallet so bad to where I haven’t ordered in over a month.”

“Honestly? Spending money on video or app games on my phone. $1.99 for no ads? Yes, please. $4.99 for tons of extras to help me get ahead? Certainly! Don’t ask me to look at how much I’ve spent on random useless games.”

“Cleaning supplies! You budget $50 for household misc., but then you need trash bags, paper towels, detergent, and toilet cleaner all at once.”

“Bank machine fees…Come on”

“Rugs! Why TF are they so much money just for me to walk on.”

“Brand name products! They’re often the same product with different packaging. You can save so much by buying store brand.”

“Subscriptions all add up. All kinds of subscriptions. I’m not just talking about streaming options.”