Lizzo Takes On Hot Wings And Hotter Questions!

Lizzo makes an appearance on Hot Ones and dishes on her album, Yitty, and fashion trends that she will NEVER follow!

Lizzo is having the YEAR of her career in 2022. She’s dropped her album “Special” and her single “About Damn Time” is sitting at #1 on the Billboard 100!

But was she ready to take on the fiery wings of death from Hot Ones with Sean Evans?

The answer… is YEAH!

Lizzo answered a ton of questions, talked about her new album, and how she’s terrible at picking singles for herself because: “everything I make is incredible”.

It wouldn’t also be a interview with Lizzo if she didn’t mention her all-sizes-included shapewear brand, Yitty.

Enjoy this interview, it’s hilarious: