Loofahs May Be The New Pineapple for ‘Swingers’

This has ruined Loofahs for me, LOL!

Loofah sponges may clean your body — but they’re a sexy sign that people are getting down and dirty.

There is a Florida Retirement complex, known as the Village which is well known for its pineapple exchange program. 

But now people are posting videos on TikTok showcasing residents of the Village community purchasing Loofahs and hanging them from the roof of their cars and golf carts. 

@torahiman They are everywhere! #thevillages #thevillagesflorida #thevillagesfl #loofah #centralflorida #omg #ohnono #ohno #fy #fyp #fypシ ♬ Oh No Oh No Oh No No No – Dubskie

“The Village is rocking out with their Loofahs Out”

A Reddit thread from three years ago posted a helpful guide called “Loofah Code” regarding what each colour loofah represents. Loofahs come in seven different colours — each with a different swinger meaning.

White is for beginners and black is for those who want it all at the complex. Other colours, including teal, are reserved for those who identify as bisexual. Purple is for those who like to watch.