Make It A Streaming Weekend! Here Are The New Releases!

It’s a killer week for streaming

Halloween Kills Is Out Today!

Michael Myers is back. The latest edition of the rebooted “Halloween” series takes place immediately after the first, and sees Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode and her family try to end their fight with The Shape once and for all.


Netflix You: Season 3

Netflix’s serial killer dramedy returns, but this time, Penn Badgely’s Joe has found something that scares even him: a family. He and his new wife, Love, have settled down and had a baby. It turns out, however, his wife is just as murderous as he is. Can their urges truly be suppressed, and is evil hereditary? Streaming Friday on Netflix.


I Know What You Did Last Summer: The Series

Amazon is offering up a throwback, with this series reboot of the popular late ‘90s slasher film. A group of teens find themselves haunted — and hunted — by someone who knows the truth about a secret they’ve been keeping. First four episodes streaming Friday on Prime Video, new episodes streaming every week.