Man Builds Video Rental Store In His Basement, Complete With An Adult Section!

Old School!

Remember when video rental places used to have “adults only” sections.  Good times!



This is one way to keep busy during the lockdown.  One guy decided to build himself a mini blockbuster in his basement after his local movie rental store closed.


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The man’s wife posted a TikTok video showing what her husband had been up to.  The clip, published on Tuesday, has already racked up 300,000 likes as of Wednesday afternoon. It was uploaded to an account with the handle @thevideobunker, which currently has just two videos — both tours of the space — but more than 307,000 likes.


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♬ original sound – Be Kind, Rewind


The main room of the basement store contains the couple’s collection of DVDs and Blu-rays, a drink fridge, a counter full of movie snacks, a cash register, “as well as a lot of random movie knick-knacks that he’s picked up every now and then.”



Off the main room is a movie viewing room featuring two recliners, wall-to-wall shelving of the man’s VHS tapes, a LaserDisc player, and a collection of retro video games.