Many Parents Are Already Stressed Just Thinking About Making Lunches

According to a new study, two in five parents are already stressed out about the thought of making school lunches

Making lunches is one of the biggest pain points for parents getting ready for back to school.



Trouble begins at the grocery store for more than half of parents who dread back-to-school grocery shopping.



Two of the biggest challenges for parents while shopping includes, staying on budget, and accommodating all their family’s unique taste preferences.



Basically, 60% of parents hate making and packing school lunches.  It’s expensive, time-consuming, and let’s be real- most kids won’t eating a lot of things you have packed.  



Trying to pack healthy lunch options is exhausting and the fear of being judged by teachers is very real!  We’ve all had a call home about the lunch we’ve packed! 

Parents will spend an extra $390 per person on food during the school year. 



On average, parents pack lunch for their child three times a week, trying to prioritize healthy options above all.



Most parents always try to include fruits and vegetables for lunch but are likely to see them untouched in their kid’s lunch boxes at the end of the day.





  1. Veggies (45%)
  2. Fruit (39%)
  3. The main part of the meal (39%)
  4. Salty snacks (39%)
  5. Sweet snacks (24%)