Local Artists are giving away art, you just have to find it.

Members of Barrie’s PRNT Collective have teamed up with local businesses to create a scavenger hunt. The artists created original artworks and are giving them away. Prints have been placed at businesses from local cafés in downtown Barrie to a local gallery in Innisfil and many locations in between.

PRNT Collective members recognize that it has been a long year, and with COVID interrupting their regularly scheduled community events they wanted to find another way to spread the love of art in our community. Normally they would participate in events like Culture Days and Simcoe County Museum events, doing everything from printing street grates to printing with a historic steam roller.

PRNT Collective reached out to several local businesses and they embraced the idea. The first business responded with “Yes yes yes yes! This sounds like such fun. I would love to do this and anything else that is a help to you guys.” It is wonderful to see how supportive local businesses are of each other.

There is no catch, no purchase required, just free art for the asking. PRNT Collective would like those who find them to post on social media to let everyone know they have been found.

There are 10 artists and 10 prints in total
The short video clues can be found at PRNTcollective on Tik Tok or Instagram
All businesses are operating with covid protocols
Prints are in a plastic sleeve that can be sanitized

PRNT Collective is a not-for-profit artist collective located in the City of Barrie and is dedicated to fostering the printmaking arts. The members focus on both traditional and contemporary practices such as; letterpress, relief, intaglio, lithography and screen printing. PRNT strives to build audiences and interest in printmaking by engaging the broader creative community with workshops, programs, and exhibitions. PRNT is located at 1-25 Hart Drive, Barrie, Ontario.